Romano being one for a challenge didn’t confine his career within the boundaries of the Mornington Peninsula, or even Australia. So it was no surprise when he jumped at the opportunity in mid 1996, to be involved on a drilling project in Ethiopia in conjunction with a local Australian aid organisation.


The project was to teach factors in water well construction and pump installation for drought-stricken communities. Romano’s expertise was called upon for the planning, sourcing, shipping, assembling and commissioning of the water-drilling project. He was also responsible for the production of a training and reference manual and to teach the local crew on the operation and maintenance of the drilling equipment.

Visiting Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, Romano saw first-hand the dire importance for the project to be a long-term success, as he not only witnessed but also experienced the relentless daily difficulties associated with obtaining water whilst living amongst the villagers. 


After months of dedication and awe-inspiring effort put into this project, he had the great satisfaction of achieving the two final main objectives.  Firstly, the positive impact every well commissioned had on community life and health because of the ease to access clean potable water. Secondly leaving a crew capable of running the enterprise of drilling and constructing water wells and installing appropriate pumps for various village needs.

Making A Lasting Difference

To date over 40 wells are operational to the benefit of over 50,000 people. Romano’s reputation from that initial project soon saw his services in great demand and he has been back and forth a number of times commissioning equipment and rigs, training staff, trouble shooting, writing reports and conducting appraisals on various projects around the country.


The impression most of us have of Ethiopia is drought, famine, deserts, poverty, war, sickness, disease, bed bugs etc. However, throughout his experience, Romano speaks of immense volcanic mountain ranges and valleys, vast open plains and lush forests. To him Ethiopians are a very proud people, deeply religious with a rich culture dating back thousands of years to the time of queen Sheba.


The love affair that Romano has forged with Ethiopia through his passion and dedication to water well drilling will endure for many years to come.

East Timor 2011 and Samoa 2013

In 2011, Romano travelled to East Timor,  where he was a technical troubleshooter and consultant for a drilling and bore hole construction project with the Seeds of Life program.  

One of this programs main objectives was to source and supply villages in East Timor with clean water and improved agricultural practices, which included the efficient use of water.


Two years later, in 2013, Romano went to work for the Samoan Government in Samoa.  Here he was a technical adviser and also trained many staff to safely operate the drilling equipment.


Seeds of Life program, East Timor 2011

Working and training drilling staff in Samoa, 2013

Seeds of Life Program, East Timor 2011