Testing Your Bore Water

Minerals and salts occur naturally in groundwater.  As groundwater can stain some surfaces, testing may be required to determine what you can use your bore water for e.g. Swimming pools, toilets, etc.  A groundwater test may also be useful for information when growing certain plants/crops etc.

ALS Environmental Water Testing

Water testing is available from ALS Environmental, Water Resources Group.  A new 1 litre plastic water bottle filled with bore water can be sent for a Complete Package analysis at a cost of $198.00 inc. GST (price current as of November 2019). 


Payment and contact details must be included with sample. You will be required to complete a form to send with your sample, please find the form and address to send your sample below. Instructions on how to send your sample are also included on this form.  

Once your sample has been received by ALS Water, a report will then be mailed or emailed in approximately 10 working days.

Send your  bore water sample to: 

ALS Water Resources Group

22 Dalmore Drive  

Caribbean Business Park   


For further information please call ALS Water on 03 8756 8000